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We’re a one-stop shop for all your private-label beauty products! We love partnering with independent retailers, chains, and individuals to create custom product lines.

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We MakeYour Idea Real

Private labeling can be a great option for companies who want to focus on marketing and selling their products, right now. By using our shelf-stable formulas, and preset package options, private labeling is super easy and fast.

Reduce your time to market with products we know your customers will love. We can you scale starting at low minimums.

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Private Labeling vs Contract Manufacturing

Private labeling is the process of choosing pre-existing formulas and customizing to preference from a selection of shades, fragrances, and packaging.

Private labeling allows companies to focus on the selling and marketing of products under their own branding & logo without the concerns and expense of creating the products themselves.

Private label companies like ours handle the research, product development, and manufacturing processes so brands don’t have to. This allows brands quality control, low startup costs and high profit margins.

Contract manufacturing is a fancier term for outsourcing and often times called co-manufacturing. Contract or co-manufacturing is a formal agreement between a manufacturer and another company (usually at a larger scale).

A manufacturer will develop a product a company does not have the capacity to produce at their own facility. An example would be a company who decides to launch a new product line may not have the parts or components to produce in-house.

The company may incur more costs to produce themselves and understand the expenses and risk factors. In this process, products are made over a mutually agreed period of time. It is feasible for larger businesses who want a steady, reliable source as a limited part of their manufacturing process.

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Works For YouSo What

Both production types offer companies the advantage to create products of higher quality at lower costs. Private labeling allows smaller brands more flexibility with less commitment.

Larger brands, companies, or manufacturers with their own production systems may find it feasible to partner with another manufacturer to co-create products they do not have components or machinery to.

If you're just starting out and would like to try out the beauty market, private labeling is perfect!

We have broken it down into three easy steps to help you get on your way.

alt text step 1

Develop your formula

  • science iconChoose one of our already-perfected, ready-to-use formulas
  • science iconCustomize according to your preferences
  • science iconWe can match any fragrance
  • science iconProvide a color sample, or Pantone PMS # and we’ll match your desired color
alt text step 2

Choose your packaging and we’ll take care of all the labeling

  • science iconWe have packaging in-stock and ready to go, and if you want something custom, we’ll partner with you to source the perfect custom option to fit your brand
  • science iconWe offer complimentary design & logo creation just for you
  • science iconWorried about including the right fine print? No sweat, we’ll take care of all the regulatory language
  • science iconYour labels can be printed in-house – saving time and money
alt text step 3

With these pieces in place, it’s time to produce your new products

  • science iconStraight fills can be completed in 2-4 weeks
  • science iconCustomized formulas (with your chosen fragrance or color) will be ready in a month
  • science iconIn a single batch, we can down fill up to three different sizes
  • science iconContact us today to get started!

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