About Us

We’re a family-run business with deep roots in the Southern California salon industry. Over the years we’ve built up our credibility by reliably delivering top quality bulk products to salons. We’re proud to offer that same quality to all of our private label clients.​

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Our mission

“You Dream It, We’ll Make It”

We partner with brands, independent retailers, and individuals who are building new private label beauty products. From our roots in nail products, to massage and spa products, we’re here to help you build your own, proprietary formulas.

Our 20 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge are at your disposal. We love partnering with clients to co-create new product lines. You bring your ideas to the table, and we’ll bring the chemistry know-how and equipment to bring your ideas to life.

Our customer’s products are sold in:

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We are Family

We consider our professional network to be our family. That means you have access to us whenever you have new ideas, or questions. We’re always ready to listen to feedback from the front lines, and our industry web of connections mean you benefit from best practices that have been honed and user-tested for decades.

Contact Us Today to learn more about how we can bring your beauty brand dreams to life.

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Private Label

Private labeling can be a great option for companies who want to focus on marketing and selling their products, right now. By using our shelf-stable formulas, and preset package options, private labeling is super easy and fast.

Reduce your time to market with products we know your customers will love. We can you scale starting at low minimums.

A few things you should know About Us

Our values

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

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Physical Plant

We manufacture and distribute in over 47,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and operate a Reverse Osmosis with UV Sterilization purified water system.


We have multiple automated and semi-automatic capabilities to fill oils, liquids, creams, gels, scrubs, salts and powders between 0.5 oz to 1 gallon in bottles, jars and more.


Our manufacturing facility has tank capacities between 50 to 1 000 gallons of wet process and 500 to 2 500 lbs of dry process mixing. Our tanks are geared higher to output highly viscous products.

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