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Hydration is the foundation of healing and revitalizing skin back to a youthful glow. Formulated to ensure long-lasting relief from dull, dry, irritated skin without leaving a greasy, oily feel.
Massage Oil Orange 1 Gallon.jpg
Massage Oil Lavender 1 Gallon.jpg
Massage Oil Cool Mint 1 Gallon.jpg
Massage Oil Love Potion 1 Gallon.jpg
C MSS 168
C MSS 127 
Cool Mint
C MSS 150
Love Potion
C MSS 154
Scented Massage Oil
A lightweight body oil formulated to quickly absorb into skin for ultimate hydration. Enhance massage treatments without leaving an oily after feel. Available in four aromatic scents.
Massage Oil Unscented 1 Gallon.jpg
Unscented Massage Oil
C MSS 167
Great for those sensitive to fragrance, this hypoallergenic formula will leave skin feeling moisturized and soft as silk.
1 Gallon
HBC Coconut Pineapple 1 Gallon.jpg
HBC Coffee Cappuccino 1 Gallon.jpg
HBC Cucumber Melon 1 Gallon.jpg
HBC Green Tea 1 Gallon.jpg
Coconut Pineapple
Coffee Cappuccino
C LOT 010
C LOT 011
Cucumber Melon
C LOT 020
Green Tea Almond
C LOT 013
HBC Guava Mango 1 Gallon.jpg
HBC Wild Orchid Gardenia 1 Gallon.jpg
HBC Tangerine Orange 1 Gallon.jpg
HBC Lavender Orchid 1 Gallon.jpg
Guava Mango
Lavender Orchid
C LOT 014
C LOT 015
Tangerine Orange
C LOT 018
Wild Orchid Gardenia
C LOT 017
Honey Regeneration Body Cream
Developed with regeneration in mind, our body cream promotes blood circulation by infusing vitamin e, shea butters, aloe vera, and almond oil to fight against aging. Improves overall skin health with increased elasticity and suppleness.
Luxor Mango Lotion 1 Gallon.jpg
Luxor Lotion - Mango
C LOT 001
The first product to be formulated and added to our extensive line of body creams. Luxor Lotion was developed with a thick consistency for hydrating massage services. Warm the product during brisk cold winters for an extra healing sensation. Melts into skin for day and night hydration.
1 Gallon
Tropical Lotion Mango 1 Gallon.jpg
Arvi Lotion - Mango
C LOT 003
Great for everyday hydration.
1 Gallon

You dream it – we’ll make it.

We partner with brands, independent retailers, and individuals who are building new private label beauty products. From our roots in nail products, to massage and spa products, we’re here to help you build your own, proprietary formulas. Our 20 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge are at your disposal. We love partnering with clients to co-create new product lines. You bring your ideas to the table, and we’ll bring the chemistry know-how and equipment to bring your ideas to life.

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