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As a core factor to our business Be Beauty has been in the acrylic monomer and polymer systems since our inception. All of our products are manufactured utilizing the highest quality materials & the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. For ober 20 years, we're proud to offer one of the most consistent acrylic systems in the market.
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HP 3000 - Fast Setting Powder
This powder is developed to set incredibly fast specifically for any EMA based liquid due to its slow setting nature. See a sales representative for more information on shades available.
C PO1 HP3 00
Art Color Concentrate Powders (60+ Shades)
We also have our acrylic powders in over 35 amazing art color shades. See a sales representatives for an individual color chart.
C PO2 COL 00
Powder Ombre #1
An off-white powder specifically created for ombre nail art.
C PO1 OMB 01
Powder Ombre #2
A pure white powder specifically created for ombre nail art.
C PO1 OMB 02
Pearl Color Powders
This color powder collection features a range of 80 pearlescent shades easy to use for acrylic overlays or sculpting three dimensional designs. Can be mixed for custom blends.
C PO1 PRL #1
Color Matching Services
We also provide color matching services for any acrylic powder. All you need to do is send us your samples and we'll match any color! Ask a sales representative for more details.
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