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Our Story

We partner with brands, independent retailers, and individuals who are building new private label beauty products. From our roots in nail products, to massage and spa products, we’re here to help you build your own, proprietary formulas. Our 20 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge are at your disposal. We love partnering with clients to co-create new product lines. You bring your ideas to the table, and we’ll bring the chemistry know-how and equipment to bring your ideas to life.


We’re a family-run business with deep roots in the Southern California salon industry. Over the years we’ve built up our credibility by reliably delivering top quality bulk products to salons. We’re proud to offer that same quality to all of our private label clients.​


We consider our professional network to be our family. That means you have access to us whenever you have new ideas, or questions. We’re always ready to listen to feedback from the front lines, and our industry web of connections mean you benefit from best practices that have been honed and user-tested for decades.

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